Our Contract collection, which we have designed in a wide range of colors and patterns, with high mechanical and physical strength, beyond the usual quality standards has been carefully developed for use in areas with intense common use and outdoor areas with the most challenging conditions in construction projects such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, public buildings, automotive (caravan, public transportation vehicles, etc.) as well as the marine industry. Our products with high abrasion and UV resistance, different degrees of flammability and antibacterial/antimicrobial properties appeal to a wide audience from architects to designers, manufacturers and end users.

Our contract product groups

Social Areas

Our product groups for social use stand out with their non-flammability, high surface strength, light fastness, easy cleaning and antibacterial properties. You can use these products in public environments such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, theaters and cinemas.



Our outdoor products with high UV resistance, flame retardancy, antibacterial and easy-to-clean properties, high surface strength, resistance to breakage from cold, high light and color fastness and mold resistance have been developed in accordance with the most challenging outdoor conditions. You can easily use our vinyl-coated outdoor products in places such as outdoor cafes, garden furniture, playgrounds.



Our educational product collection has been designed by considering educational institutions, playgrounds, conference rooms, etc. Our educational product collection, with high surface strength, easy-to-clean property, meeting fireproofing standards suitable for the area to be used and which has a very low migration value keeping in mind the areas where children will come into contact with have been prepared for you with different color and pattern options.


Sports Centers

Our product collections produced for sports centers with an intense tempo are designed for direct contact with the human body and are equipped with high surface resistance, effective against sweat and salt, flame retardancy and antibacterial properties. You will enjoy working out with our product collections prepared with color and pattern options suitable for usage areas.



Our entire product collection is designed for residential use. Our home product group, taking into account the needs of the industry is produced with easy-to-clean, bleach-alcohol resistance and flame retardant properties. Our product collections will change the style of your home with a rich range of colors and patterns.



Produced with rich color and pattern options, our healthcare products collection is equipped with alcohol resistance, easy-to-clean, antibacterial/antimicrobial, mildew resistance, flame retardancy and high sweat fastness properties. Our health product collections are designed for use in hospitals and various medical centers.



Our Marine product groups, produced with rich color and pattern options are equipped with UV resistance, antibacterial/antimicrobial, easy-to-clean, high surface resistance, high light and color fastness, salt-chlorine resistance and mold resistance properties. You can easily use our marine product collections indoors and outdoors of marine vessels such as yachts, boats and ships.


Automotive / Public Transport

Our product collection which is suitable for use in the automotive/public transportation (train, bus, etc.) business as well as the contract industry, with its flame retardancy, high surface strength, high light and color fastness properties is designed with unique patterns and colors suitable for these industries.