As Flokser, we exist to benefit all humanity.

We work with a sense of responsibility towards the world, our country, our company, our employees, our customers, our suppliers as well as with a permanent, sustainable and transparent operation for the benefit of the society.

We invest in knowledge, technology and people for our journey to the future.

We constantly work and evolve to develop new ways of using materials and products that add real value to people's lives.

We act with the consciousness of a “responsible producer” for nature, the world, climates and the new generations who grow up.

In addition to being a responsible producer, we are conscious consumers.

“Kindness is the art of humanity.” We support our employees in volunteering for appropriate social and community activities with this principle.

By continuing our work in the fields of education and environment, where support is most needed in Turkey, we support the aspects that need to be regulated in the society and aim to draw attention to these issues.

As a corporation, we contribute to the development of individuals with social responsibility projects we carry out, and take a role in the development and sustainability of local economies.

As Flokser, we improve and facilitate the lives of our consumers with solutions we offer to different industries in order to contribute to social progress.