• What is faux leather?

    Artificial leather is a type of natural leather-like material produced by a certain processing, consisting of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU) resins and other auxiliary chemicals.

  • How can I submit my complaints, feedbacks and return requests?

    You can forward your complaints, feedbacks and return requests to us at: musteri.hizmetleri@flokser.com.tr

  • Does artificial leather have harmful effects on human health?

    As long as the products are produced without using materials that are prohibited in accordance with the REACH regulation in terms of human health worldwide, they do not scientifically affect on human health.

  • What are the advantages of artificial leather compared to real leather?

    Artificial leather products are produced in a sustainable and stable texture, color, pattern, thickness and weight compared to real leather products. Since the products are not sold in "feet" but as "linear meters", it provides price advantage and ease of use.

  • What is the warranty period of the products?

    Depending on the product content, the warranty period of our artificial leather products is minimum 2 years.

  • How to care and clean artificial leather?

    You can find our “Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions” on the resources tab of our website.

  • What is the average delivery time?

    Depending on the production stage of the products, the deadlines vary, but the average delivery time is 2 weeks. You can learn the net delivery date of your orders from your customer representative. For your orders which are ready on stock, the products will be shipped to you within 3 days upon order placement. For foreign orders, the lead time and transport time varies depending on the place of delivery.

  • Can we get information of the product prices?

    Our product prices vary according to the product content. For prices on the product you request, you can contact us from our closest regional offices on the contact tab of our website.

  • How can I get product samples or catalogues?

    You can submit your requests for Contract and upholstery product collections by logging in. For your different requests, you can contact us at musteri.hizmetleri@flokser.com.tr or our nearest regional offices.

  • Do you have dealers and stores?

    You can find detailed information through the contact tab of our website.